• Moldable
  • Delivered in open barrel syringe
  • Maintains graft material in operative site
  • Resists irrigation
  • Mixable with autograft
  • Interconnected macroporosity
  • Osteoconductive
  • Resorbable (6-12 months)

Morpheus is a moldable suspension of 1-2mm osteoSPAN granules in a rapidly resorbable organic binder.  This biocompatible binder has excellent intra-operative handling properties, is moldable and mixable with autogenous bone, and leaves minimal residual material on surgical gloves.  Additionally, the binder facilitates placement and containment of implant materials, is rapidly resorbed postoperatively, and does not alter the osteoconductive or resorbable properties of the osteoSPAN granules in Morpheus. Large animal spine fusion and long bone models have shown that Morpheus is incorporated into a bone fusion mass while gradually resorbing over time.*