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Nanocrystalline Surface:
The New Advancement in Bone Regeneration

You know that bone regeneration is an active cellular process that involves the interaction of osteoblasts and stem cells with the surface of a bone graft material. But did you know that the unique terrain of a nanocrystalline surface can positively influence cellular attachment, differentiation, and function?

TrelCor Technology Enlists a
Nanocrystalline Surface

Our TrelCor bone graft products are completely covered with a nanocrystalline surface comprised entirely of HCA (hydroxycarbanoapatite). The true advantage of an HCA nanocrystalline surface is that this material allows for faster, more robust bone formation.1-4 And for an optimal scaffold, our unique biomimetic pore structure closely resembles human cancellous bone.5-6

Nanocrystalline HCA Surface Technology
Biomimetic Pore Architecture

And now this next-generation TrelCor technology is available in our full line-up of advanced bone grafting products:

Agilon® Moldable Product
Agilon® Moldable Logo

Best-in-Class Handling, Enhanced with Collagen
Agilon® Moldable is packed with 1-2mm TrelCor granules suspended in a rapidly absorbing binder and blended with type 1 collagen. The added collagen fibers increase overall cohesiveness, providing a firm feel with excellent moldability and handling.

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Agilon® Strip Product
Agilon® Strip Logo

Maximum Granule Content
Agilon® Strip consists of TrelCor granules densely packed in a matrix of collagen. Its high granule content maximizes direct contact with surrounding bone, packing power into every fusion.

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DirectCell Advanced Bone Grafting System

Innovative Tissue Harvesting in One Convenient Kit
DirectCell is one powerful system designed to streamline your procedures. Create optimal bone grafts with this dual combination of TrelCor advanced bone graft technology and innovative autograft and BMA harvesting.

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Experience the difference TrelCor™ advanced bone graft technology will make for your surgical procedures.

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