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This is the future of stem cell harvesting.

The DirectCell® System is the economical solution for efficient cell harvesting and exceptional patient outcomes.

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The DirectCell System empowers surgeons to incorporate easy, spin-free stem cell aspirate (SCA*) harvesting into their surgical practice today.

*Stem Cell Aspirate (SCA) is a type of BMA with higher stem cell counts and is referenced as “BMA” in FDA clearances.

With the DirectCell System, surgeons can easily harvest more stem cells while eliminating the possibility of disease transmission.
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Highest autologous cell counts,1-4 plus a cell-stimulating synthetic5-7
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An “off-the-shelf” solution that can be seamlessly integrated into OR procedures
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Spin-free solution that eliminates the need for centrifuging

DirectCell System Components

The DirectCell System produces better results in less time than other stem cell harvesting solutions. Period.

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Get more cells, more easily

7X the amount of cells (CFU-f/ml) versus a standard Jamshidi needle1-3

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Reduce OR times significantly

Approximately 10X faster than traditional BMAC solutions

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Keep patients safer with their own cells

No risk of disease transmission compared to donor-derived stem cell products

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Dig Deeper into DirectCell

For a more in-depth look at the science and technology behind DirectCell, download our free PDF about different cell aspiration techniques.

You can also visit the Biogennix Blog.

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I'm 'pro' stem cells use. If I was the patient, and there was a 10% chance that using my stem cells was going to help improve my healing, I'd opt in every time. When it comes to revisions and nonunions, the cost far, far outweighs the use of stem cells. So I'm a huge proponent of using the DirectCell System!

Foot and Ankle SurgeonTexas

Using the DirectCell System to [acquire and supplement your graft with] stem cells is great; I think there’s no downside to it. When you're doing a fusion or a nonunion reconstruction, you want to make sure you’ve done absolutely everything in the patient’s best interest to get that fusion to heal.

Foot and Ankle SurgeonFlorida

I think using a patient's own cells is always better [than donor-derived products], and usually more cost-effective!

Spine SurgeonIllinois

When you combine live cells with an advanced surface, you are optimizing the healing response. Surgeons and hospitals alike need innovative solutions with strong scientific backing which incorporate new biological technologies.

Spine SurgeonCalifornia

I like that [with the DirectCell System] I can harvest marrow rich autograft dowels from the calcaneus or tibia, and blend them with an advanced graft that handles and mixes extremely well. Especially for challenging cases, I feel like I’m giving my patients the best possible chance for a successful fusion.

Foot and Ankle SurgeonColorado

Because the journey to great outcomes starts with great decisions.

Trust the leader in advanced bone regeneration technology. Your success drives everything we do.

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