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When you equip surgeons with Biogennix products, you’re giving them the power to change lives for good, forever.

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When distributors offer the most advanced technology, you make enhanced healing possible – and reinforce your reputation at the same time.

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Hospitals and surgeons rely on distributors to bring them next generation technologies that truly make a difference. Give your customers what they want, and what their patients need.


Biogennix bone regeneration technologies enhance the healing process, and are simple and efficient to work with. Our products make the future of healing possible right now.

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The right technology can make a world of difference.

TrelCor Technology

TrelCor: our advanced synthetic bone graft technology

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Immediate healing

Nanocrystalline surface structure stimulates cellular healing upon contact1-3

Jumpstarts Healing Icon

Jumpstart bone regeneration

Bone-like HCA surface chemistry means new bone can start forming even sooner4,5

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Biomimetic porosity 

Pore architecture mimics cancellous bone, allowing new bone growth throughout the implant

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Optimized resorption

Graft resorption rate uniquely matches the rate of patient’s new bone growth

References 1. Data on File: Ectopic Bone Formation Response of TrelCor in a Sheep Intramuscular Pouch Model; 2. Zhang J. et al. J. of Tissue Eng. And Regen. Med. 11: pp. 3273-3283 (2017); 3. Duan R. et al.ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 4: pp. 3347-3355 (2018); 4. Hayashi K. et al. Materials Today Bio. 4: pp. 1-11 (2019); 5. Spence G. et al. Key Eng. Materials Vols. 309-31: pp 207-210 (2006).

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Agilon: loaded with advanced TrelCor technology to heal more successfully

Packed with Granules Icon

Optimized formula

Packed with bioactive4 TrelCor granules to maximize bone contact

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Surgeon friendly

Better handling and containment keep your surgeons a step ahead in the operating room

Reference 4. Data on File: Evaluation of the Bioactive Response to TrelCor Bone Graft Products.

DirectCell® System

DirectCell: stem cell technology without the risks5

More Cells Icon

Spin-free harvesting

Ensure higher stem cell counts thanks to true multi-directional harvesting system, no centrifuge required

Autograft Dowels Icon

Top quality autograft

Accelerate healing with high quality autograft dowels rich with marrow and microvasculature6,7

Powerful Combination Icon

One powerful combination

Blend cells with cell-stimulating8 TrelCor technology to boost bone growth

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Designed for OR teams

More convenient, more safe, more efficient. The DirectCell System was developed to meets your customers’ needs.

References 5. Use of autologous cells eliminates the risk of disease transmission compared to cadaveric-derived cellular allograft. 6. Ostrup LT, et al. Distant transfer of a free, living bone graft by microvascular anastomoses. An experimental study. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1974 Sep;54(3):274-85. 7. Taylor GI, et al. The free vascularized bone graft. A clinical extension of microvascular techniques. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1975 May; 55(5):533-544. 8. Data on file.

Biogennix Products

Our Process

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Talk with us and learn more about the solutions Biogennix offers.

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You’ll see immediately that Biogennix puts distributors, surgeons, and patients a step ahead compared to other bone fusion products.

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Thanks to our advanced, next-generation solutions, you can rely on Biogennix to help more patients recover and return to their active lives.


An example of a true partner is the Biogennix team. They're just great people. They're down to earth, they get you the information you need in a very timely manner … if you need comparisons of product A versus product B, they have access to it. They get it done. That's really important!

DistributorNew Jersey

It was one of my better decisions in the medical business to pick up Biogennix's product lines. It has been proven repeatedly to be extremely successful! The real test is when your surgeon does a revision surgery a year-and-a-half, two-years out on the same patient that you used this product on, and you go in there and you're seeing all this new bone that's grown. Then you know your product performed well.


Products like Biogennix's advanced synthetics are really novel because of the characteristics that they have. Surgeons who are on the cutting-edge appreciate the science behind the product.


Biogennix is so easy to work with. Plus, they continue to churn out products with a competitive edge that will keep your surgeons happy!


[Other manufacturers] might have a couple of synthetic-type products, but they're really not as good as the Morpheus product. We as distributors want to offer differentiated, non-commodity-type products, and Morpheus is just that.


We have worked with Biogennix for over 5 years. My surgeons love the handling of their products – they really are the best I have seen on the market.


I rely on companies like Biogennix to help me. I am not biased. I don't work for Biogennix. I like the people a lot. They're just really helpful in getting me the information I need.

DistributorNew York

[With the disease transmission risks associated with the use of human tissue,] some surgeons started saying they didn't want any more allograft or human cadaver putty. And that's when I thought, "Okay, but what about non-bone synthetics?” That’s when I came across Biogennix and their Morpheus product. We got some samples. We used it. The surgeon loved it, and the rest is history.


Because the journey to great outcomes starts with great decisions.

Trust the leader in advanced bone regeneration technology. Your success drives everything we do.

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