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Morpheus & osteoSPAN

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Morpheus Moldable
Morpheus moldable bone graft was deliberately engineered to allow for finely-tuned, controlled resorption at an optimal rate. This is possible due to its dual-phase chemistry, which consists of a slower resorbing outer region and a faster resorbing inner core.
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Optimal bone formation response thanks to controlled resorption rate
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Firm consistency that is moldable, cohesive, and mixable with autograft
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Robust architecture resists crushing during interoperative handling
osteoSPAN Fusion Kits were specifically designed for posterolateral spine fusion. Surgeons favor osteoSPAN for its resistance to compression, super-fast fluid wicking, and continuous trellis structure.
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100% interconnected pore structure allows bone formation throughout the entire implant
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Optimal bone formation response thanks to controlled resorption rate
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Specifically designed to span the transverse processes
OsteoSpan Bone Graft Substitute

Dig Deeper into Morpheus and osteoSPAN

For a more in-depth look at the science and technology behind Morpheus and osteoSPAN grafts, download a free PDF discussing the science of resorption.

You can also visit the Biogennix Blog.

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How Does Bone Resorption Affect Bone Graft Materials?


Number one, Morpheus has scientific evidence that supports that the product is osteoconductive and effectively acts as a scaffold that bone can latch to. Two, it has a handling characteristic that allows me to put it where I want to put it. And three, it mixes well and doesn’t fall apart.

Spine SurgeonVirginia

[Other manufacturers] might have a couple of synthetic-type products, but they're really not as good as the Morpheus product. We as distributors want to offer differentiated, non-commodity-type products, and Morpheus is just that.


My bigger cases usually require a large amount of graft, and so the synthetics can extend the autograft I've harvested. Biogennix's [advanced synthetics] have properties that are great for bone formation, and they are universally available in large quantities. Synthetic bone grafts can take the autograft that you have and turn 20cc into 40cc. In a way, they grow the bone graft for you.

Spine SurgeonVirginia

Morpheus is a unique product, and it has worked very, very well. I was looking for a synthetic that would satisfy my surgeon's needs and was clinically sound. I looked for quite a while and got very, very lucky to find Biogennix!


I’ve used Morpheus in over 1,000 cases. I very much like the way it handles, and I have had excellent clinical results. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Morpheus to all surgeons.

Spine SurgeonColorado

[With the disease transmission risks associated with the use of human tissue,] some surgeons started saying they didn't want any more allograft or human cadaver putty. And that's when I thought, "Okay, but what about non-bone synthetics?” That’s when I came across Biogennix and their Morpheus product. We got some samples. We used it. The surgeon loved it, and the rest is history.


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