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The ideal environment for bone healing requires not only the proper chemistry, but the proper architecture as well, one that replicates human bone. Full interconnected porosity throughout the implant with a pore size of approximately 500 microns (µ) is the natural blueprint of cancellous bone. These features are a known requirement for bone remodeling and are engineered into all osteoSPAN products. Interconnected porosity allows for remodeling to occur throughout the entire implant, not just on the surface. The 500µ pore size mimics cancellous bone and is ideal for bone forming cell activity. This architectural design, combined with our chemistry and the handling properties of our putty products, make all the difference for Biogennix.


Interconnected macroporosity

Allows bone growth in, on and throughout the implant

Pore size mimics human bone and is
bone cell friendly

First, blood vessels grow into the interconnected porosity, then osteoblasts begin to attach to the granule’s or block’s surface.

Over several months osteoblasts multiply and transform into osteocytes and are mineralized.

At the same time, osteoclasts (red) form on the calcium phosphate surface, penetrate it and begin to resorb the inner structure, allowing new osteoblasts (blue) to enter.

By one year, most granules are remodeled into bone.

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