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TrelCor® Technology

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Four Advanced Properties in One Material

TrelCor’s unique nanocrystalline surface structure and HCA surface composition provide distinct advantages during the bone formation process.  These surface properties, along with a biomimetic porosity and dual-staged resorption, form the basis of TrelCor advanced bone grafting technology.


TrelCor is a unique bone graft material that combines four advanced bone graft properties into a single material.  These properties are based on well-established scientific principles,1-4 as well as additional supporting studies conducted by Biogennix.5,6


Read about Biogennix’s in vivo cell stimulation study and in vitro bioactivity study below.

TrelCor Technology

In Vivo Cell Stimulation Study

A muscle pouch implantation was conducted in sheep to confirm TrelCor’s ability to differentiate mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) found in muscle into bone forming osteoblasts.5  TrelCor was compared directly against a standard calcium phosphate ceramic without a nanocrystalline HCA surface (generic CaP) and Bioglass.

  • A significant bone formation response was seen in all TrelCor samples. Bioglass samples showed a marginal response.  Bone formation in the TrelCor samples was nearly 4X higher than Bioglass.
  • Results confirmed that first-generation calcium phosphate ceramics lacking advanced properties did not elicit a cellular response.

Sheep Study SEM

TrelCor Granule, 12-Week Histology Image (Backscattered SEM)

Read more about how biologically active grafts can stimulate bone formation on the Biogennix Blog.

In Vitro Bioactivity Study

Bioactivity is an advanced bone graft property that is defined by a material’s ability to form a calcium phosphate layer when exposed to body fluid.  Specifically, bioactive surfaces interact with ions in body fluid to precipitate a nanocrystalline HCA layer directly on the material.

Although TrelCor is manufactured with a nanocrystalline HCA layer, a bioactivity study was conducted to see if this layer could increase due to a bioactive surface response.6  This was an in vitro study that exposed TrelCor to a simulated body fluid solution and compared the surface response to Bioglass.

  • TrelCor demonstrated a strong bioactive response when immersed in SBF. Additional nanocrystalline HCA material was deposited on the existing HCA surface.
  • The bioactive layer on TrelCor was much thicker than the layer that formed on Bioglass
  • Based on layer thickness, TrelCor was more bioactive than Bioglass

Day 0 TrelCor Cross-Section

Day 0 Bioglass Cross-Section

Day 14 TrelCor Cross-Section

Day 14 Bioglass Cross-Section

Read more about how TrelCor’s bioactivity compares to Bioglass on the Biogennix Blog.

References 1. Zhang J. et al. J. of Tissue Eng. And Regen. Med. 11: pp. 3273-3283 (2017); 2. Duan R. et al.ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 4: pp. 3347-3355 (2018). 3. Spence G. et al. Key Eng. Materials Vols. 309-31: pp 207-210 (2006); 4. Hayashi K. et al. Materials Today Bio. 4: pp. 1-11 (2019); 5. Data on File: Ectopic Bone Formation Response of TrelCor in a Sheep Intramuscular Pouch Model; 6. Data on File: Evaluation of the Bioactive Response to TrelCor Bone Graft Products.

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When you combine live cells with an advanced surface, you are optimizing the healing response. Surgeons and hospitals alike need innovative solutions with strong scientific backing which incorporate new biological technologies.

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My bigger cases usually require a large amount of graft, and so the synthetics can extend the autograft I've harvested. Biogennix's [advanced synthetics] have properties that are great for bone formation, and they are universally available in large quantities. Synthetic bone grafts can take the autograft that you have and turn 20cc into 40cc. In a way, they grow the bone graft for you.

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Products like Biogennix's advanced synthetics are really novel because of the characteristics that they have. Surgeons who are on the cutting-edge appreciate the science behind the product.


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