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TrelCor® Technology

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Bone regeneration is a cellular process that involves the interaction of osteoblasts and stem cells with the surface of a bone graft material. Studies have shown that the bone graft surface structure and morphology can impact cell function.1,2

TrelCor advanced synthetic technology features a nanosized surface structure and morphology that provides an optimal surface for cell attachment and bone formation. The entire TrelCor surface is covered by nanosized crystals of HCA (hydroxycarbanoapatite).


See TrelCor’s nanocrystalline surface up close…

Nanocrystalline Surface
500X Magnification
Nanocrystalline Surface
2,500X Magnification

All images taken by scanning electronic microscope (SEM)

Nanocrystalline HCA surface of advanced bone graft material at 8,000X magnification.
8,000X Magnification

The Nanostructure Difference

Nanostructured surfaces have been shown to have a positive effect on bone formation. In vitro studies have shown that osteoblast cells attaching to nano-materials show increased cell proliferation and function. Additionally, nanostructured surfaces have also been shown to promote the differentiation of stem cells into osteoblasts.

This was confirmed in an in vivo study that showed TrelCor was capable of stimulating bone formation in a sheep muscle (conversion of muscle stem cells into osteoblasts).3 The overall effect is an improvement of the bone formation process occurring on the nanostructured surface.

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References 1. Zhang J. et al. J. of Tissue Eng. And Regen. Med. 11: pp. 3273-3283 (2017); 2. Duan R. et al.ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 4: pp. 3347-3355 (2018); 3. Data on File: Ectopic Bone Formation Response of TrelCor in a Sheep Intramuscular Pouch Model.

Dig Deeper into Nanosurfaces

For a more in-depth look at the healing benefits of nanosurfaces, download our free PDF.

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When you combine live cells with an advanced surface, you are optimizing the healing response. Surgeons and hospitals alike need innovative solutions with strong scientific backing which incorporate new biological technologies.

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Biogennix is so easy to work with. Plus, they continue to churn out products with a competitive edge that will keep your surgeons happy!


My bigger cases usually require a large amount of graft, and so the synthetics can extend the autograft I've harvested. Biogennix's [advanced synthetics] have properties that are great for bone formation, and they are universally available in large quantities. Synthetic bone grafts can take the autograft that you have and turn 20cc into 40cc. In a way, they grow the bone graft for you.

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Products like Biogennix's advanced synthetics are really novel because of the characteristics that they have. Surgeons who are on the cutting-edge appreciate the science behind the product.


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