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First-Class Handling

Intraoperative handling is an important feature of bone graft products. Based on the surgical application, surgeons will use a variety of techniques and graft combinations.


Biogennix advanced bone graft products provide surgeons with a variety of options that can be easily incorporated into their current bone graft technique.


Morpheus and Agilon Moldable bone graft products offer first-class intraoperative handling, outmatched in the industry.

  • Designed with a high granule content, Biogennix moldable products are composed of porous granules suspended in a polymer carrier. This creates a highly moldable graft that can be custom fit to the implant site.
  • The carrier is resistant to irrigation which offers excellent graft containment intraoperatively.
  • The carrier is fully absorbable and is removed from the implant site within ~7 days.

Biogennix moldable bone grafting products can be mixed and blended with other materials such as autograft without sacrificing consistency or sticking to surgical gloves. Biogennix moldables offer the utmost versatility for bone grafting procedures.


Agilon Strip was designed to balance excellent handling with maximum granule content.

  • After hydrating with BMA, Agilon Strip becomes flexible and can be easily cut or torn to size before placing in the lateral gutters.
  • The strips’ high granule content maximizes contact with surrounding bone to support and enhance new bone growth.


The rectangular block shape of osteoSPAN Fusion Kits was specifically designed for posterolateral fusion. However the product can also be used in general orthopedic graft applications where a block form is desired.

  • In the spine, the Fusion Kits are intended to be mixed with autograft and will provide a continuous graft across the transverse processes.
  • Blocks are ultra-easy to implant and can be directly placed at the graft site.
  • Blocks can be shaped by the surgeon to provide a custom fit.

Watch in real time how Biogennix bone grafts absorb fluid within seconds!

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I have been using [Biogennix bone graft] for over 4 years. In my opinion it handles better than anything else I’ve used.

Spine SurgeonCA

We have worked with Biogennix for over 5 years. My surgeons love the handling of their products – they really are the best I have seen on the market.


The reason I like [Agilon Moldable] is because of its handling. It has literally almost the same properties as your cancellous chips with the putties. It's like a two-in-one. It's moldable, but it is synthetic, so you don't have to worry about the allogeneic reactions that we see or rejection, which is good!

Foot and Ankle SurgeonTexas

Number one, Morpheus has scientific evidence that supports that the product is osteoconductive and effectively acts as a scaffold that bone can latch to. Two, it has a handling characteristic that allows me to put it where I want to put it. And three, it mixes well and doesn’t fall apart.

Spine SurgeonVirginia

I’ve used Morpheus in over 1,000 cases. I very much like the way it handles, and I have had excellent clinical results. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Morpheus to all surgeons.

Spine SurgeonColorado

I like that [with the DirectCell System] I can harvest marrow rich autograft dowels from the calcaneus or tibia, and blend them with an advanced graft that handles and mixes extremely well.

Foot and Ankle SurgeonColorado

I've used so many bone putties that I would never use again. They just don't hold. Delivery method is huge, so that's why I'm becoming a bigger fan of synthetics like Agilon Moldable because you mold it and then you put in wherever you want it - and I like that!

Spine SurgeonNorth Carolina

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