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osteoSPAN Fusion Kit

Precision Fusion

Biogennix osteoSPAN Fusion Kits were specifically designed for posterolateral spine fusion. Each kit consists of two porous blocks packaged together for the utmost ease of use.

For over ten years, osteoSPAN Fusion Kits have been favored by surgeons for posteolateral spine fusion for their resistance to compression, super-fast fluid wicking, and continuous trellis structure that bridges the transverse processes with ease.

Beyond ease of use, osteoSPAN Fusion Kits have a composition unlike other synthetics. Their composition was deliberately engineered to allow for finely-tuned, controlled resorption at an optimal rate. This is possible due to its dual-phase chemistry, which consists of a slower resorbing outer surface and a faster resorbing inner core. By controlling the ratio of these two regions, osteoSPAN delivers a variable resorption profile ideal for bone formation.

See for yourself how osteoSPAN compares by requesting a sample today.

Watch in real time how osteoSPAN fusion block absorbs fluid within seconds!

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Configuration: Two (2) Blocks, 6 x 9 x 40mm or 6 x 6 x 40mm blocks

Chemistry: Calcium Phosphate (CP) / calcium carbonate (CC)

Architecture: Interconnected pore structure,
similar to cancellous bone

Pore Size: 500 microns (µm)

Resorption Profile: 6-12 months

Storage and Handling: Room temperature, no reconstitution required

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Configuration: 6 x 9 x 40mm and 6 x 6 x 40mm blocks

Chemistry: Nanocrystalline hydroxycarbanoapatite (HCA) / calcium carbonate (CC)

Architecture: Biomimetic structure similar to cancellous bone; interconnected porosity

Pore Size: 500 microns (µm)

Resorption Profile: 6-12 months

Storage and Handling: Room temperature, no reconstitution required


Unlike other porous ceramic materials, osteoSPAN granules have a controlled resorption rate that was specifically engineered to provide an optimal bone formation response

Bone Friendly Chemistry

  • Calcium phosphate / calcium carbonate composite mimics human bone
  • Engineered to resorb, remodel, and restore in 6-12 months

Bone Friendly Architecture

  • 100% interconnected pore structure and pore size allows bone formation throughout the entire implant
  • Pore architecture similar to cancellous bone results in an optimal combination of strength and porosity, and a structure that is resistant to crushing during implantation

osteoSPAN Fusion Kits provide
a scaffold with continuous
interconnected porosity specifically designed to
bridge the transverse process in
posterolateral spine surgeries.


Fusion kit shown bridging
transverse processes
(highlighted in red)

About Biogennix

Biogennix® is improving patient care through the innovative development of advanced osteobiologic products specifically designed for orthopedic and spine surgery. Our focus is to provide surgeons with products based on cutting edge technology and advanced biologic concepts.

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