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Advanced Bone Graft Technology

Biogennix Core Technology

TrelCor® technology is a next-generation biomaterial used in all Biogennix advanced bone graft products.  TrelCor technology provides the surgeons a unique approach to improving healing by combining several advanced bone regeneration properties into one material.

TrelCor technology:

  • Utilizes a nanocrystalline surface to positively influence cellular attachment, differentiation, and function.
  • Contains a surface composed of HCA (hydroxycarbonoapatite) which jump starts the healing process due to its similarity to natural bone mineral.
  • Features a biomimetic pore architecture similar to cancellous bone that allows for bone growth through the entire graft material.  The pore structure also provides an optimal combination of strength an porosity that resists crushing during intraoperative placement.
TrelCor Technology
The Foundation of Biogennix Advanced Bone Grafting Solutions
Nanocrystalline Surface
HCA Composition
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