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Cell-stimulating, bioactive1 technology for improved bone regeneration

TrelCor advanced synthetic technology has been proven in the lab and the OR.

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Equip your OR teams with trusted, advanced technology that delivers excellent patient outcomes.

Combining four cutting-edge advancements into one next-generation bioactive1 material, TrelCor is raising the bar for synthetic technology.
Nanocrystalline Line Drawing Icon
Nanocrystalline structure stimulates cellular healing upon contact2-4
Jumpstarts Healing Icon
HCA surface chemistry helps new bone start forming sooner5,6
Biomimetic Architecture Icon
Biomimetic pore architecture allows immediate bone growth throughout the implant
Optimized Icon
Optimized resorption that is paced with the formation of new bone

As a biologically active synthetic bone graft, TrelCor provides advanced healing power and consistent patient results.

Studied and proven to be effective

Multiple independent studies support each of TrelCor’s advanced material properties

50,000 use cases, and counting

TrelCor’s clinical use is rapidly growing as more hospitals and surgeons see exceptional patient results

Safe Consistent Icon
Safer and more consistent

Synthetics like TrelCor aren’t derived from tissue donors, and don’t vary from lot to lot

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Dig Deeper into TrelCor

For a more in-depth look at the science and technology that power TrelCor, download our free PDF about how TrelCor provides patients an optimized healing response.

You can also visit the Biogennix Blog.

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Products like Biogennix's advanced synthetics are really novel because of the characteristics that they have. Surgeons who are on the cutting-edge appreciate the science behind the product.


When you combine live cells with an advanced surface, you are optimizing the healing response. Surgeons and hospitals alike need innovative solutions with strong scientific backing which incorporate new biological technologies.

Spine SurgeonCalifornia

My bigger cases usually require a large amount of graft, and so the synthetics can extend the autograft I've harvested. Biogennix's [advanced synthetics] have properties that are great for bone formation.

Spine SurgeonVirginia

Biogennix churns out products with a competitive edge that will keep your surgeons happy!


Because the journey to great outcomes starts with great decisions.

Trust the leader in advanced bone regeneration technology. Your success drives everything we do.

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