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Our flagship product, Morpheus is a moldable suspension of 1-2mm osteoSPAN granules in a rapidly absorbing, organic binder. This combination provides optimal handling characteristics both during mixing and intra-operative placement. Morpheus is moldable and mixable with autogenous bone, and leaves minimal residual material on surgical gloves. The binder’s resistance to breakdown and irrigation facilitates secure placement and stabilization of the graft mass. It is then rapidly absorbed leaving behind the porous granules, which are Resorbed, Remodeled and Restored over the next 6-12 months.

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Configuration: Putty

Chemistry: Calcium phosphate (CP)/calcium carbonate (CC) granules in organic binder

Architecture: Interconnected porosity

Granule Pore Size: 500 microns (µm)

Binder Absorption Profile: 1-2 days

Granule Resorption Profile: 6-12 months

Storage and Handling: Room temperature, no reconstitution required



  • Moldable and mixable without sticking to gloves
  • Stays in place and resists irrigation


  • Resorbable, biocompatible, calcium phosphate/calcium carbonate granules
  • Absorbable organic binding agent


  • Full interconnected porosity of granules
  • Putty-like consistency of binder and granules
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