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Biogennix’s DirectCell Advanced Bone Grafting System Used in 1000th Case

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IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Irvine-based Biogennix, a market leader in advanced bone regeneration technology, announced today that its DirectCell® Advanced Bone Grafting System has been used in more than 1000 cases as of this quarter.

“It’s been rewarding to see our DirectCell System be so well received in the surgeon community”
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The DirectCell System includes an advanced synthetic bone graft material with properties that enhance cellular bone formation, along with novel instrumentation engineered to harvest high concentrations of patient stem cells. This provides surgeons an optimal biological graft that jumpstarts the bone regeneration process.

“It’s been rewarding to see our DirectCell System be so well received in the surgeon community,” said Scott Bauccio, Biogennix’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “We specifically designed this system to provide surgeons and hospitals with a comprehensive bone graft solution that includes a stem cell and autograft harvesting system in a single product. The feedback has been consistently positive in multiple market segments, including both the spine and foot and ankle surgery categories. We attribute the swift success of the DirectCell System primarily to the solid science supporting its benefits and anticipate continued growth for the system next year.”

The advanced bone graft within the system is Biogennix’s premium product, Agilon®, which is available in a Moldable and Strip form. Agilon products are based on Biogennix’s unique TrelCor technology that contains a nanocrystalline hydroxycarbanoapatite (HCA) graft surface which actively promotes bone regeneration.

The DirectCell System also provides surgeons two methods of collecting bone marrow derived stem cells, either through the harvesting of stem cell aspirate (SCA), which has significantly higher stem cell counts compared to standard bone marrow aspirate (BMA), or marrow-rich autograft dowels. Together the technologies within the DirectCell System allow surgeons to leverage both advanced synthetic material technology and the power of a patient’s own stem cells.

“The DirectCell System not only enables the harvest of clinically higher cell counts, but it is a safer and significantly more cost-effective alternative to previous standards of care,” added Bauccio. “When a procedure utilizes a patient’s own cells, the risk of disease transmission has been completely eliminated.”

The DirectCell System is available with Biogennix’s bioactive bone grafts, Agilon Moldable or Agilon Strip.

Biogennix is a market leader in advanced bone regeneration technologies. Biogennix is headquartered in Irvine, CA where they develop, manufacture, and distribute proprietary technologies used in bone fusion procedures. Biogennix team members are experts in bone graft science who are focused on creating solutions that keep distributors and surgeons on the forefront of bone regeneration. Learn more at

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