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Biogennix’s Agilon Moldable Bone Graft Solution Achieves Sales Surge Amid Adoption by Foot and Ankle Surgeons

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Irvine-based Biogennix, an osteobiologics company that develops, manufactures, and distributes proprietary bone graft products used for bone fusion procedures, has announced that its Agilon® Moldable grafting product is now available nationwide. The collagen-enhanced, best-in-class handling product has seen steady month-after-month growth in sales since its launch two years ago, with an exponential surge in popularity and usage in 2021, largely driven by its positive reception from the foot and ankle surgery community.

Agilon Moldable is the only moldable synthetic bone graft that contains both collagen and carrier, providing excellent handling right out of the box without requiring hydration. Agilon Moldable is packed with Biogennix’s proprietary TrelCor™ granules, which feature a biologically active layer of nanocrystalline HCA (hydroxycarbanoapatite) that promotes cellular healing immediately upon implantation.

Biogennix, known to spine surgeons for its advanced bone graft technologies and optimal handling, is now seeing increased traction for Agilon Moldable among foot and ankle surgeons in addition to spine and general orthopedic surgeons.

“It’s been very rewarding to see Agilon Moldable be so well received by the foot and ankle surgery community,” said Scott Bauccio, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Biogennix. “They really appreciate how well the product handles and stays together when packing into tight defects. We expect to see continued exponential growth in this specialty as well as with the spine and general orthopedics communities where we are already well established.”

“Agilon Moldable is a gamechanger for me in foot and ankle surgery,” said Dr. Dan Bhakta, DPM with Accent Podiatry in Arlington, Texas. “I’ve been using the product for over a year now and have performed more than 90 cases. I love the handling – it mixes superbly well with the patient’s bone and stays in place when packed into a defect and irrigated. With the TrelCor technology, I know I’m going to get a good clinical outcome because of the advanced material properties.”

Biogennix® is a fully-integrated osteobiologics company headquartered in Irvine, CA which develops, manufactures, and distributes proprietary bone grafting products used in bone fusion procedures. Biogennix is committed to advancing technology behind next-generation bone grafting solutions, delivering outstanding quality with exceptional value, and customer-focused excellence. Learn more at

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